Why Hire a Glendale CPA?

accountants calculatorIf you know a little about budgeting and accounting, you could pass on hiring a CPA for your small business or for your own tax planning and preparation. . But even if you’re comfortable handling your own taxes and bookkeeping, there are key advantages to hiring an expert Glendale CPA.

A certified public accountant is an individual who is licensed by the state. They have in-depth knowledge of accounting principals and practices, which makes them highly beneficial to individuals and business owners. Hiring a CPA is an important decision that only you can answer. You need to ask yourself  ‘Am I willing to risk making seemingly subtly mistakes on my taxes to save a few dollars?’ Are the risks of not being a professional who is committed to understanding complex tax codes worth risking potentially costly tax mistakes? ONly you can answer those questions for yourself!

Not sure if hiring the best Glendale CPA is right for your business? Consider two top reasons to hire a certified public accountant.

1. A CPA can assist with the preparation of business taxes to help maximize your return or minimize your liability. Even with some accounting and tax knowledge, you may overlook certain deductions or erroneously write off expenses. A CPA can provide advice on the right forms to file, as well as determine eligible write-offs. This ensures the accuracy of your books and averts an audit.

2. Improve your financial system. Payroll, budgeting and managing other financial records can be a lot for a busy business owner to handle – especially if there isn’t an accountant or bookkeeper on payroll. A Glendale accountant is equipped to oversee your company’s finances. This person can help with budgeting, expenditures, payroll, taxes, cash flow and much more.

FOr answers to your toughest tax and accounting questions, or to get some help on your next personal or business tax return, give us a call at 1-818-242-4888.


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