How To Make Tax Season Easier

MB900341936For a large number of people, tax season, while slightly stressful, is a fairly simple affair. You turn in the pay stubs and paperwork related to your job. Then various totals are found. Then you make a payment, and then wait for your return. It’s pretty straightforward. However, for people who are self-employed or who freelance, tax season can be truly daunting. This is especially true for actors and other performing artists. In Southern California, actors are everywhere, and the average working actor can play as many as eight small roles a month. Multiply that by 12, and come tax time, it is suddenly necessary to deal with 96 different pay stubs, from up to 96 different companies.

A Glendale CPA or a Burbank CPA can take some of the headache out of filing your taxes if you are dealing with multiple W2 or 1099 forms. While you may feel like it is cheaper to do your own taxes through an online filing system like TurboTax, it is very easy to make mistakes that can prove expensive later, especially when you are dealing with multiple forms. Additionally, inappropriately filled out tax forms can attract unwanted IRS attention. The resulting audit will make you wish you had hired some expert help. Working with a Burbank accounting firm can make sure that you get the return you deserve, with a minimum of frustration.

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