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Tax Preparation

From individual tax preparation to corporate tax preparation, we offer our clients accurate and insightful financial expertise in order to maintain profitability and capitalize on new opportunities. At Robert Hall & Associates, we steer you closer to these goals with over 40 years of tax preparation experience. Some of the things that set us apart from the competition:

  • E-filing available
  • Same-day tax returns
  • IRS audit representation
  • Tax planning
  • Assistance for tax problems


Tax Planning

When it comes to personal and business taxes, proper planning is the key to financial success. At Robert Hall & Associates, our tax professionals know how to maximize your tax benefits, while also avoiding future problems. We constantly monitor tax legislation, regulations, and court rulings so we can provide the most effective tax planning for the future of your business or your personal finances.

Moreover, we take the time to understand your individual situation and then apply our knowledge of the ever-changing tax environment to help you make the best business and personal decisions


Tax Problems

At Robert Hall & Associates, we have a high degree of experience in dealing with taxpayers who have unpaid debts to the government agencies and/or prior year non-filed returns. Our tax consultants will find out what you are up against and then give you our analysis.

Difficulties One Faces with an IRS Lien
When an IRS Federal Tax Lien shows up on your record, it can be very difficult to obtain financing on an automobile or home purchase. It also can affect your personal property, such as existing vehicle and real estate loans. In fact, once a Federal Tax Lien is filed against your property, you won’t be able to sell or transfer the property without a clear title. Consequently, if you’re one of the taxpayers under the thumb of an IRS lien, you may find yourself in a situation where you have property that you’d like to borrow against, but the Federal Tax Lien is standing in your way.

Contact us today and discover how we can help resolve all of your tax problems


IRS Audit Representation

If your income tax return has been selected for an audit and you don’t know why, it could very possibly be that the computer randomly selected your number for audit. Or, potentially, your business is part of a compliance test program.

Whatever the reason, you are unquestionably concerned and want to know how to stop the audit. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to panic. Sometimes the reason for the audit may be as straightforward as the IRS requiring missing documents, and by simply providing them some documentation, it may stop the audit from going any further.

There are a few different types of audits and each can occur at a different location:

  • Mail
  • At the IRS office
  • In your office
  • In your home

Depending on where the audit is held is very telling as to the severity of it.

Well-versed in audit representation for over 40 years, Robert Hall & Associates is here to help. We can quickly assess your situation, offer a plan of action, and help to put your mind at ease.


Medical Care/Obama Care Tax Planning

Are individuals and business owners confused about the new healthcare regulations as our governing agents? Do you have a clear understanding of how these new regulations are going to affect taxpayers? This new healthcare bill has certain regulations that have already been implemented as well as certain regulations that will not go into effect until 2012 through 2016. Utilizing the resources and tax planning strategies that we are able to implement, you as a taxpayer will be able to forecast the potential challenges that this new bill presents as well as benefit from the positive aspects of these new regulations.

Real Estate Tax Planning

As a real estate professional, a real estate investor, or a homeowner, there are many provisions within our current tax regulations that individuals and businesses can utilize to improve their tax positions. Within our firm, we have streamlined the record keeping process and homed in on the tax benefits that the real estate industry provides taxpayers.

International Tax Planning

As our society continues to move towards global economic dependence, our tax regulations will continue to become more complex. As this international economic trade continues to affect small businesses and individuals, it will be vital for taxpayers to understand the regulations when dealing with international treaty requirements and international commerce. By utilizing foreign corporations, foreign tax credits and foreign income exclusion provisions, taxpayers are able to fairly report their income and utilize qualified deductions. Establishing record keeping strategies and remaining compliant with government reporting standards will not only keep you safe but give you peace of mind knowing your financial scenario.

Audit Insurance

This audit protection program provides the client access to a tax professional under specific conditions. Additionally, the client will experience the least amount of tax liability at the end of the tax year, at a very reasonable price.

Our Tax Maintenance Program includes the following benefits:

  1. Three phone consultations (15 minutes each) during the tax year scheduled thorough our appointment desk with any consultant except Robert Hall and Stephen Hall
  2. W-4 review to be sure your withholding is correct
  3. Correspondence/letters for mortgage lenders
  4. Free Financial planning needs analysis
  5. Audit protection in the event you are subject to an audit. Our audit representative will provide this service at no additional expense to you for the 2010 year (however, audit protection does not include Schedule C, Schedule F, Field audits, Audit Appeals or TCMP audits)
  6. IRS notices and correspondence
  7. FTB notices and correspondence including Head of Household Audit Letter
  8. Notary Services- Five notarizations during the tax year scheduled through our appointment desk
  9. 1 additional copy of tax year 2010 income tax return
  10. Local business tax problems
  11. One free analysis of your primary home loan.

Feel free to contact our office for more information on how you can purchase audit insurance.

Elder Care

At Robert Hall & Associates, we provide a special service to our aging clients, or to clients with family members who need assistance with their daily financial tasks.

  • Specialized tax preparation for older clients
  • Bank reconciliations and assistance in executing financial transactions
  • Coordinate the payment of bills and write checks
  • Prepare payroll and payroll tax returns for household employees
  • Assist with trust and estate administration

Legal Concerns: Planning for declining health and cognitive abilities is very important. Too often this is neglected and, in a crisis, a family’s only recourse is to a court of law. To prevent this, we can refer clients to knowledgeable attorneys who can address issues such as:

  • Preparing wills
  • Assigning powers of attorney
  • Creating trusts
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