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One of the biggest problems that small business owners run into is getting bogged down by payroll, bookkeeping, and tax preparation. It can be a perplexing and time-consuming endeavor for most. Robert Hall & Associates offers services that are handled by our reliable and experienced professionals so that you can spend more time on your business, helping it to grow and succeed.



At Robert Hall & Associates, we realize that most small businesses cannot afford a full-time accountant but still need the expertise of one.  Meaningful, well-organized financial records ensure that your business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis and are the foundation of a successful business.  Our qualified staff at Robert Hall & Associates can assist you with the day-to-day tasks associated with bookkeeping.

Our bookkeeping services include:

  • Monthly Operating Statements
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Payroll
  • Audit Trails
  • Balance Sheet
  • Financial Graphs
  • Budgets


Strategic Business Planning

Entrepreneurs and business managers are often so preoccupied with immediate issues that they lose sight of their ultimate objectives. That’s why a business review or preparation of a strategic plan is a vital necessity. This may not be a recipe for success, but without it a business is much more likely to fail. A sound plan should:

  • Serve as a framework for decisions or for securing support/approval.
  • Provide a basis for more detailed planning.
  • Explain the business to others in order to inform, motivate & involve.
  • Assist benchmarking & performance monitoring.
  • Stimulate change and become building block for next plan.



Regardless of the size of your business, Robert Hall & Associates strongly recommends utilizing payroll in an effort to streamline your operations, improve productivity, and simplify administration.

Top 5 benefits of outsourcing payroll:

  1. Free up your time
  2. Reduce labor costs
  3. Avoid IRS penalties
  4. Offer direct deposit
  5. Leverage outside payroll expertise


Asset Protection

Many individuals and entrepreneurs understand there are severe consequences and potential financial losses that can result from the litigious nature of our society. As we go through our day to day processes, we want to feel confident in our strategies, regardless of the industry. These strategies may include incorporating, establishing tax efficient retirement plans, or acquiring the appropriate insurances. Robert Hall & Associates, along with strategic affiliates, are able to guide clients towards a position that reduces these liability issues while also implementing cutting edge tax strategies when establishing their business ventures.



A corporation is considered an artificially created legal entity that exists separate and apart from those individuals who created it and carry on its operations

Whether you’re a real estate investor or a small business owner, Robert Hall & Associates will help you choose and maintain the right type of structure for your needs, S-Corporation, C Corporation, or LLC.

By implementing our annual tax planning services, we will help you take advantage of the built-in tax benefits for your structure.
Some of the many benefits of incorporating:

  1. Tax Savings
  2. Lower Risk of Audit
  3. Protection From Personal Liability
  4. Deduction of Medical Expenses
  5. Income Splitting


Financial Planning

With the uncertain current economic climate, now more than ever, it’s important to devise a stable plan for the future. Whether it be your own retirement or your children’s education, we can help you achieve your goals.

We start with a comprehensive review of your current resources and financial commitments, and then we offer the appropriate level of guidance, based on a true understanding of your specific needs.

  • Cash flow planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Budget planning

Robert Hall & Associates is here to help you make more informed decisions. With our breadth of expertise, we can meet even the most complex financial scenarios. For maximum flexibility, we offer a one hour, free consultation.


Estate Planning

No one likes to dwell on the prospect of his or her own death, but if you postpone planning for your demise until it is too late, you run the risk that your intended beneficiaries may not receive what you want them to receive in a timely and cost-effective manner.

This is why estate planning is so important, no matter how small your estate may be. It allows you, while you are still living, to ensure that your property will go to the people you want, in the way you want, and when you want. Moreover, it permits you to save as much as possible on taxes, court costs, and attorneys’ fees. A Robert Hall & Associates tax consultant can assist in getting you the help that you need in this delicate but important and necessary matter.


Mortgage Services

At Robert Hall & Associates, keeping our clients happy is our number one priority. Therefore, we offer a multitude of services in addition to tax preparation. Whether a client wants to purchase a new home or refinance their property, we are to assist our clients in this process.


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